Vice Ambassador of Spain in Denmark Visits Eurofish: Strengthening Ties and Boosting Collaboration

Copenhagen, [20/06/24] – Eurofish had the honor of welcoming the Vice Ambassador of Spain in Denmark, Fernando Alonso Navaridas, during a recent visit aimed at strengthening the relationship between Spain and Eurofish, a prominent organization dedicated to promoting sustainable seafood practices. The visit marks a significant milestone in enhancing collaboration and opening new opportunities for the future.

Key Highlights of the Visit:

1. Presentation of the VeriFish Project:

During the visit, Eurofish Senior Project Manager Ixai Salvo and Director Marco Frederiksen presented the innovative VeriFish project to Vice Ambassador Navaridas. VeriFish is an ambitious initiative aimed at developing verifiable sustainability indicators for seafood, promoting sustainable consumption, and fostering international cooperation.

2. Importance for VeriFish:

The presentation underscored the critical role of the VeriFish project in advancing sustainable seafood practices. By showcasing the project’s goals and progress to a high-ranking diplomat, Eurofish highlighted the global impact of VeriFish and its potential to drive positive change in the seafood industry.

3. Future Opportunities:

The engagement with Vice Ambassador Navaridas is expected to pave the way for future collaborations. Spain, as a member country of Eurofish, holds significant potential in contributing resources and support to the VeriFish project. This collaboration can enhance the development of sustainability indicators and expand the project’s reach.

4. Strategic Communication:

The visit also plays a pivotal role in the communication strategy of the VeriFish project. It emphasizes Eurofish’s commitment to transparency, stakeholder engagement, and international partnerships. The support and recognition from the Spanish diplomatic community significantly boost the project’s visibility and credibility, aiding in its mission to promote sustainable seafood practices.

About Eurofish:

Eurofish is a key partner in the VeriFish project, leveraging its extensive expertise in fisheries and aquaculture to drive sustainable practices in the seafood sector. The organization is dedicated to research, development, and dissemination of best practices to enhance the sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture industries.

Next Steps:

The meeting concluded with a commitment to continue working closely together. Future plans include collaborative efforts in communication strategies, sharing of resources, and joint initiatives to promote sustainable seafood practices. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for September, where project managers and WP leaders from VeriFish will discuss further collaboration details.