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Project summary

VeriFish, a project funded under Horizon Europe will provide a framework of verifiable sustainability indicators based on existing EU and global databases. VeriFish will work on the creation of a prototype web application, a series of media products and recommendations for communicating sustainability indicators to various stakeholders including guidelines for retail and the hospitality sectors. The goal is to provide an accessible and dynamic framework for the improvement of communication and understanding of sustainable seafood production and consumption.


Stimulate increased consumption of sustainable seafood by establishing a framework of verifiable indicators, using these as basis for targeted, accessible, and engaging media products and campaigns, and delivering European Good Practice recommendations on how to efficiently organise such campaigns.

A framework of verifiable indicators

The primary goal of VeriFish is to develop ways to integrate indicators from different sources and to make recommendations for how to present and visualise different types of indicators in a uniform manner for a specific seafood type and consumer group.

For that, VeriFish will elaborate a framework of verifiable indicators, considering environmental sustainability, social sustainability, origin, provenance, processes, health, and nutrition, leveraging on trustworthy data sources from FAO Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries, EUROFIR’s FoodEXplorer, FISHBASE, the global species database of fish species, and more.

Communicating about seafood sustainability

Several media products, including guidelines and a prototype web application, will be developed to help make informed consumption choices.

The indicators framework must not only be communicated to seafood producers and retailers, but also to policymakers, citizens and children. Therefore, a storytelling series, recipe books for kids, puzzles, and posters are among the planned product outputs. Finally, the project will develop and publish European Good Practice recommendations, co-designed with seafood sector stakeholders, on how to efficiently use the indicator framework to communicate with citizens.

Specific Objectives

1. Verifiable Indicator framework

Establish a framework of indicators that can be used as basis for making verifiable claims about seafood.

2. Community of Practice

Establish a Community of Practice (CoP) of organisations and stakeholders committed to promoting sustainable seafood.

3. VeriFish Prototype App

Design a prototype of a App for Mobile & We providing factsheets with indicator lists, links, and recommendations on how to make transparent & verificable claims about specific types of seafood to specific consumer groups.

4. Awareness Campaign

Create and distribute media products and run awareness campaigns to provide verifiable information on seafood.

5. European Good Practice recommendations

Provide a EU Good Practice recommendation for how to efficiently organise sustainable seafood consumption campaigns, and to publish this recommendation as a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA).

Work packages

Work package 1


Ensures the timely and high-quality results through efficient administrative, technical, organisational, and financial coordination.


Administrative and financial management, scientific & technological coordination, decision making and conflict resolution, quality assurance and risk management, ethics management, External Advisory Board (EAB).

Leading partner: TURST-IT

Work package 2


WP2 will develop a European framework for verified seafood indicators, so that any communication campaign can access, and use verified and qualified information.


Develop a set of system-wide science-based indicators related to sustainability, provenance, nutrition, and health.  For year 1 the WP will define 1) data requirements for appropriate end use, 2) the indicator framework, 3) prioritisation of the indicators, and 4) the data use policy. This will lead to a set of Guidelines for the use of verifiable seafood indicators.

Lead partner: EUROFIR AISBL

Work package 3


WP3 will raise awareness, inform and promote VeriFish´s main assets among 8 identified stakeholder categories and to increase consumers ´awareness about how to “choose fish” based on verifiable indicators.

  • Design and prototype several easy-to-use media products and the running of different outreach campaigns
  • Digest VeriFish seafood and aquaculture products indicators into accessible and comprehensive media products for user communities.
  • Build a community of practice of different end users to gather requirements for the VeriFish media products, test the effectiveness of the approach and contribute to the release of the guidelines.
  • Promote awareness of the activities of the project maximising the impact of the results.
  • Engage and involve stakeholders at local and EU level via a coordinated communication strategy.

Leading partner: Eurofish

Work package 4


WP4 will use the indicator framework developed in WP2 and the experiences from the outreach work in WP3 to develop a Good Practices recommendation that take all these issues into consideration.

  1. To collate experiences and knowledge from WP2, WP3 and existing literature to formulate an initial, coherent recommendation for how to efficiently communicate to consumers about seafood and how to organise sustainable seafood consumption campaigns.
  2. To manage a consensus-driven process to refine the initial document to a representative overall European Good Practice recommendation.
  3. To initiate and manage the CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) process, and to formulate and publish this recommendation as a CWA.


Trust IT Services SRL

Project coordinator and dissemination.
Contact: Sara Pittonet

Eurofish International Organisation

Dissemination and develop the scoring system and guidelines for communication of the use of the indicator framework


Prototype of the VeriFish web app

FORTH - Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas

Develop the verifiable indicator framework and the prototype of the VeriFish web app

NOFIMA - Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research

Develop the European Good Practice recommendation on seafood communication and dissemination

EuroFIR – European Food Information Resource

Develop the verifiable indicator framework


Contribution to the development of the verifiable indicator framework



Develop the verifiable indicator framework and dissemination

Poseidon Aquatic Resource Management Ltd